Rotarians come back for more!

 Galleria Scola had the pleasure once again of hosting a Brown Bag lunch for members of Oakland Rotary #3. Each year, owners of local businesses volunteer to host Rotarians and acquaint them with what services each business offers and anything else of interest to the members.

This year Elida Scola regaled her small troupe with stories of how different types of art are made: etching, engraving, lithograph, silkscreen, as well as methods of restoring artwork and frames. A couple of folks also picked her brain for options in framing unusual pieces such as tapestries and 3-dimensional objects.

Micah demonstrating mat cutting

Micah demonstrating mat cutting

learning how to hinge artwork

learning how to hinge artwork

 hinging art

examining materials
examining materials

About Galleria Scola

I am passionate about picture framing and restoration. There is always something new to learn and experience. This is an ideal wellspring for enthusiasm and gratitude. View all posts by Galleria Scola

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