Elida Scola, owner

We are artists and framers, with degrees in Art History, Fine Arts, and business.  Well-connected throughout the thriving Oakland and East Bay artist community, we take a consultative approach to selecting art and framing appropriate to your needs. Our work and selected artwork represent our interests in various media.

At Galleria Scola you can expect to learn something new. Did you ever wonder how your artwork was created? Is it a watercolor, oil crayon, acrylic, woodblock print, engraving, lithograph, photograph color xerox or giclee? Let’s  magnify it and figure out what we are looking at.

Everyone who comes through our door does so for a reason. We are interested in how we can help you. If you have a problem or question that we cannot address we will send you to someone who can. Don’t worry about parking. There’s usually a spot out front and we keep coins handy for the meters.

ELIDA SCOLA, owner, has 30 years experience in the art and framing industry and has also taught for the Professional Picture Framers Association (PPFA). She has written for Picture Framing Magazine and been featured in Decor. Examples of her hand crafted frames are hanging on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.

A Personal Welcome: “We are the ones with the lengths of wood, hammers and ideas. You are the one with the picture of your Grandmother. It is how we come together that makes the magic. Framing pictures is my passion. Galleria Scola is my baby. I have committed my life to the handling of art. When you come through the front door I am happy to see you.  Part of the fun of coming up with a good presentation solution is collaboration. If you love it enough to put a frame around it there must be a good reason and maybe even a good story. My Aunt Yola always said, “If you’re happy, I’m happy.” When I see your smiling face as you view your finished framing I feel a deep sense of satisfaction and gratitude. All of the time and energy that goes into Galleria Scola is realized in that moment.” — Elida Scola, owner